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TESSLIFT conducted a workshop in Korea for the delegation of KOL doctors from Chile July, 2023

2023-08-31 15:14

In an exciting collaboration with Orquidea Derma Med and the doctors from Chile Dra. Patricia Navarrete and Dr. Erick Ampuero, TESSLIFT held a hands-on workshop in Korea. This workshop proved to be an incredible opportunity for knowledge-sharing and skill development.

Led by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Kim, the workshop commenced with a presentation lecture sharing valuable insights and expertise with the Chilean KOL doctors. The lecture provided a deep dive into the methods and TESS techniques. Following the lecture, TESSLIFT moved on to the most interactive and engaging segment of the workshop - the hands-on session. Here, the doctors had the opportunity to practice and refine their skills under the guidance of Dr. James Kim. It was a truly immersive experience.

To conclude the event on a heartwarming note, TESSLIFT arranged a farewell dinner where the participants had the chance to forge lasting connections and enjoy each other's company. This provided a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the bond of collaboration and friendship between all the doctors involved.