Management Team


Chairman, Mr. Gil Bong Hwang

Mr. Gil-bong Hwang completed his master's degree in business administration at Sogang University, and based on his understanding of the medical industry, he showed outstanding management capabilities through the role of CEO of Hugel Pharma, and served as vice president of global ophthalmology genetic diagnosis and treatment. In addition, he joined TESS in January 2022, which has unique technology and excellent product performance, and is committed to innovating company such as building management strategies, reorganizing business structures, developing new products, and building core human resources and capital raising.

Vice Chairman and CEO, Mr. Jong Woo Kim

Mr. Jong Woo Kim executes multi-level activities with a natural leadership style and commitment to excellence. He has founded 4 biotech companies under his patents. His passion for medical innovations has excited since his research trainings at Biomimetic Laboratory of Harvard Medical School and Nano-Bio Modeling Lab of Georgia Institute of Technology. Holding B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Mr. Kim has led the international research collaborations with surgeons and professors from Harvard University and Emory University. His 8 medical patents for tissue grafts, sterilization devices, IVD devices, and surgical staplers are applied and registered in over 45 countries.

Vice President, Mr. Hyung Dong Kim

Mr. Kim has over 30 years of expertise in leading multiple Korean production facilities of Global medical devices and crop protection products. He joined TESS in 2023 to play an active role in and support the globalization of TESS based on his extensive knowledge and successes in advising and constructing efficient and Smart factories in Korea. Mr. Kim, who has a chemical engineering degree with numerous certificates and has completed multiple manufacturing and safety training, including the Advanced Management Programs, will energetically and passionately assist TESS in its globalization.

Medical Advisor


Head of Global Medical Advisor, Dr. James Min Kim

Dr. James Min Kim adds his surgical expertise to the R&D affairs held in the company. He was trained both in South Korea and the United States as an ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon, Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon. Over 25 years of research and medical businesses, he has devoted himself to research on medical devices, and has been training doctors on new treatment methods thousands of times around the world. He has led a team of talented researchers to create innovations for the various types of implants, next-generation medical devices and medical products. Dr. James Min Kim is also known for his surgical expertise in ENT & Head and Neck Surgery and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. He has performed surgical operations for more than 20 years as a renowned surgeon known worldwide in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He is the keynote speaker for international conferences such as AMWC, ECS, AFAS, ICAD, JSPRS, etc.


Global Medical Advisor, Dr. Jesús Chicón García

Dr. Jesús Chicón García was educated and had trained in Madrid, Spain. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the broad spectrum of general medicine as well as in aesthetics including filler injections and threads, he is a European Expert in Quality Control and R&D. Now as TESS’s Global Ambassador, he trains surgeons the correct way of using TESS products.


Global Medical Advisor, Dr. Sophie Lamprecht

Neurosurgeon and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Sophie Lamprecht was trained in facial rejuvenation with different surgical and non-invasive face lifting methods in Germany and has a brilliant linguistic ability to speak six languages, giving lectures to doctors worldwide as an international key speaker of TESS. Despite her young age, she passes on her sophisticated procedural techniques to doctors around the world.