TESS Brand Identity


TESS Brand Identity

We Envision Beautiful Lives and Lifestyles with Innovation.


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At TESSLIFT, we constantly work towards envisioning access to high quality and safe products to support and improve the lifestyles of consumers. Our state-of-the-art innovations in products, people, and processes have been trusted by our clients, health care professionals, and daily consumers around the globe. The continual efforts to making changes in lives of consumers have inspired every aspect of TESSLIFT's work.

Brand Guideline

At the same time, you help us reach local markets, which means that you are given the option of adapting tesslift marketing materials to local conditions. presenting a unized front to customers is crucial in growing our reputation as a trusted leader in healthcare and lifestyle. To maintain essential brand consistency, it’s important for each of us at TESSLIFT to follow the brand guidelines presented here when developing all marketingcommunications materials. this will help us maintain a strong, constant identity at all points of contact with our worldwide customers.


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