The TESS symbol is made up of representitive letter forms of brandname – to create a unique and ownable brand mark. TESS brand mark for use on PCs & Macs and for design agencies and/or printers are available in JPEG/PNG and EPS formats.




The TESS Combination Mark

  • Never alter the mark in any way. Do not manipulate, condense, or change the orientation of the mark in any way.
  • Always reproduce the mark in its primary color when possible. The mark may be reproduced in Black & White only in a one-color document.
  • Do not attempt to recreate the logos with a standard typeface. The TESS brandmark is a custom piece of ar twork that cannot be replicated with individual font characters.
  • Use only one brandmark on a page. There is generally no need to repeat the logos on everypage.

Cleare Zone

The TESS endorsed brandmark must be reproduced with consistent high quality. Always use original high quality artwork or approved downloadable files to reproduce the brandmark. A clear zone, known as the control field, always must surround the TESS mark. The width of the control field is determined by a measure equal to the height of the capital T in any size of logos used. No graphic elements of any kind should intrude into this field. the TESS mark should only be used with black&white or monochromatic tone background. It cannot be used over top of any other complex background color or image.


  • Do not use TESS mark with the relationship between the letters changed
  • Do not use TESS mark with poor reproduction
  • Do not use TESS mark with added graphic elements or special effects like drop shadows Do not distort or manipulate TESS mark
  • Do not use TESS mark screened at any percentage
  • Do not use TESS mark with an outline
  • Do not use TESS mark with the letterforms altered
  • Do not use TESS marks with different monochromatic tone gradations
  • Do not use TESS mark with alignment of the letters changed
  • Do not use TESS mark in a headline or text copy
  • Do not attempt to create TESS mark in a substitute typeface
  • Do not use TESS mark with the letters stacked reading vertically
  • Do not use TESS mark in a bar or with rule reading vertically

Our brand is distributed by the only representative distributors in each country, and the profile image on social media is unified and placed under the name of the country. The country name should be placed under the TESS name : the width of the TESS “T”inside the provided profile determines the clear space above and below the country name and the TESS name.