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2022-07-11 11:30

TESSLIFT held a workshop in South Korea in a long time after the pandemic. It was an unforgettable and very significant event, which was attended by more than 20 TESSLIFT expert doctors from Thailand and the UK.  TESSLIFT Company had the opportunity not only to hold a hands-on workshop, where doctors were trained to practice TESS methods but also to introduce program participants to the beauty and culture of South Korea. The hands-on training was hold by TESSLIFT KOL doctors from Korea, Dr. James Kim and  Dr. Lee Yong Taek.  Our specialists personally verified the quality of the training.


One of the highlights of this workshop was the educational visit of TESSLIFT factory which is located among the beautiful nature of Wonju city. Welcome To Korea Workshop ended with a grand event TESSLIFT: The Red Carpet. This event was attended by famous K-pop stars and the most famous beauty and aesthetics doctors from South Korea, so our guests had a chance to expand their network and get to know each other. TESSLIFT is rapidly growing as more international experts joining our Tesslift Expert doctor’s community. 


TESSLIFT Factory visit ( location: Wonju TESSLIFT research center)


Hands-on Workshop with Dr. James Kim and Dr. Lee Yong Taek. ( Venue: Three Wishes Plastic & Skin Clinic)



TESSLIFT Welcoming Dinner (Location: People the Terrace)


Wonju cultural experience (Location: Museum San)


TESS: The Red Carpet (Venue: WalkerHill Hotel)