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TESSLIFT conducted a workshop in Korea for the delegation of doctors from Japan, July 2023

2023-08-31 16:11

In a remarkable endeavor to foster international collaboration and knowledge-sharing, TESSLIFT organized a hands-on workshop in Korea, specifically tailored for doctors from Japan. This workshop was conducted in partnership with Eye Lens.

Led by the Chief Medical Officer of TESSLIFT, Dr. James Kim, the workshop commenced with a comprehensive presentation lecture. During this session, Dr. James Kim shared his expertise and provided valuable insights into the methods and techniques associated with unique TESSLIFT products. This lecture served as a solid foundation for the hands-on session that followed.

The hands-on session was the highlight of the workshop, allowing the participating doctors to gain practical experience. With expert guidance from our experienced team, the doctors were trained in the latest methods and techniques.



The TESSLIFT Team is excited about the future possibilities and the growth it will bring. We remain committed to empowering doctors with the latest techniques and innovations, as we continue to make advancements in medical aesthetics.