President and President of Clinical Development, Dr. Min Kim

Dr. Min Kim adds his surgical expertise to the R&D affairs held in the company. He was trained both in South Korea and the United States. Over 25 years of research and medical businesses, he has founded two hospital chains - Saerom Hospital Group and Min Clinic based in South Korea. His passion for medical innovations has begun since his research work at the Anti-Aging Medicine Group of Yale University. He had led a team of talented researchers to create innovations for immuno-therapies. Dr. Min Kim is also known for his surgical expertise in ENT & Plastic Reconstructions. He has performed surgical operations for over 25 years. His previous trainings and fellowships were held in Ohio Plastic Surgery Center and Oklahoma Plastic Surgery. He is the keynote speaker for international conferences such as Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC), Congress of Eastern Cosmetic Surgery (ECS), and Asia Forum for Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine (AFAS).

President of Strategic Alliances and Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Jong Woo Kim

Mr. Jong Woo Kim executes multi-level activities with a natural leadership style and commitment to excellence. He has founded 4 biotech companies under his patents. His passion for medical innovations has excited since his research trainings at Biomimetic Laboratory of Harvard Medical School and Nano-Bio Modeling Lab of Georgia Institute of Technology. Holding B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Mr. Kim has led the international research collaborations with surgeons and professors from Harvard University and Emory University. His 8 medical patents for tissue grafts, sterilization devices, IVD devices, and surgical staplers are applied and registered in over 45 countries.

Chief Executive Officer, President of Product Operations, Mr. Hee Dong Jang

Mr. Jang started his early career as a legal advisor to numerous companies based in South Korea. Having an educational background in laws, he has used his legal expertise in managing healthcare and trading businesses successfully over several decades. His passion for healthcare innovations and manufacturing operations has led him to TESSLIFT since 2015.

VP of Human Resources and Head of People, Ms. Ilene Kim

Graduated with a B.A. degree in Government from Cornell University and M.A. degree in International Politics from Seoul National University, Ms. Ilene Kim brings her experience in building and developing cultural capabilities to impact growth and employee engagement of TESSLIFT. Prior to joining TESSLIFT, she served as VP of Human Resources at ZISHEL.



Managing Director, Mr. Paul Philip Weiser

Graduated with a M.S. degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School and Global MBA degree from Yonsei University, Mr. Weiser has achieved business operational excellence and gained leadership in management and product commercialization. He served in a variety of managing positions of increased responsibility, scope, and global leadership roles at ZISHEL.