What is the TESSLIFT

TESSLIFT is a tissue elevation and suspension system(TESS) that uses new TESSLIFT threads to lift sagging tissue in face, neck, forehead, breast, hip, etc. TESSLIFT is a minimal invasive tissuelift and novel tissue elevation and suspension system(TESS) that overcomes problems of previous thread lift procedures and elevates the sagging tissue in the face, neck, forehead, breast, hip, etc.. Since a unique distal mesh structure is installed to pull the organ firmly and effectively, the recurrence possibility is dramatically reduced.

What is the benefits

In all conventional surgical methods, the effects of thread are gradually reduced over time. However, TESSLIFT utilizes an innovative mechanism that increases the effect over time since the distal mesh segment is installed on distal part of sagging tissue which has a major impact to the nasolabial folds, jowls, etc. Thus, recurrence of tissuelift surgery is dramatically reduced.

Who is the best candidate for a TESSLIFT

TESSLIFT is used for patients who are over their 30-40s when the face starts to sag or people who desire V-line facial contours or sharp jaw lines. The best candidates for this procedure are patients between the ages of 35 to 75 years old, with an obvious drooping of the soft tissues.

Does TESSLIFT need general anesthesia or admission

TESSLIFT can be operated under local anesthesia in an outpatient clinic and its patients can return to activities of daily living right after the surgery.

How long does the procedure take

The entire procedure takes about one hour.


Yes it is perfectly safe. TESSLIFT is made up of biocompatible materials which have been used in surgery for decades and foreign substances are not added. Currently, TESSLIFT is approved by the MFDS and applications for approval by FDA in other countries are currently underway.

How long is the recovery time

You can return to everyday life immediately. TESSLIFT patients will return to normal in approximately in a week.

What about results

Since TESSLIFT directly affects the site around sagging tissue, it completely eliminates sagging tissue and the recurrence is reduced significantly. Patient feedback of TESSLIFT has been exceedingly positive.

How long does effect of surgery last

In conventional methods, lifting effect is consistently reduced over time but TESSLIFT has a groundbreaking concept that increases the effect over time since tissue ingrowth is made with a unique mesh structure in the distal part of the sagging tissue.

Is additional surgery needed

Since the recurrence of sagging is reduced significantly, little additional surgery is needed. However, if additional surgery is needed due to rapid aging or trauma, it can be reinforced by increased pulling at the anchoring site or adding 1-2 threads after opening the anchoring site.

Why is TESSLIFT the best soft tissue lift surgery

The procedure is very simple and the effects are long lasting. Unlike other conventional surgery, there is minimal risk of reccurrence or side effects.

Will a TESSLIFT last longer than a conventional procedures

The TESSLIFT is performed using the new TESSLIFT mesh, which offers much more stable anchoring than conventional procedures. The TESSLIFT threads provide for a longer lasting and better result.