History of TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd.

TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd. was formed in 2008 to market a unique tissue elevation and suspension technology. Today, TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd. develops and markets innovative tissue lifting products for the tissue-lift surgery markets. The company’s mission is to advance the power of tissue-lift surgery by providing innovative products for tissue elevation and suspension system that deliver significant clinical and economic benefit.

TESSLIFT™, the flagship of TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd., was developed in 2011 as an implant for tissue lift. Launched in 2012, TESSLIFT™ supports soft tissue lifting through rapid tissue ingrowth into the mesh structure. In addition to these highly-valued benefits for challenging non-invasive tissue lift and other reconstructions, TESSLIFT™ offers the enhanced ease of use.

Research and Development

We are continuously improving and upgrading information by including doctors’ opinions. We are closely cooperating with biomedical engineers to maximize safety and effectiveness of all products.
Research remains a cornerstone of TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd.’s long-term growth strategy. Today, several major research initiatives are underway. Our many research initiatives are funded by product sales - we invest 30% of the product sales into research. The future for TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd. holds tremendous promises, as we choose to invest only in the large market segments where significant unmet clinical needs exist.

Quality Policy

TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing quality products that meet customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, it is to maintain an effective Quality Management System with defined objectives that provide the framework for TESSLIFT Co.,Ltd.'s continued success.