TESSLIFT is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of the world's first invented minimally invasive facelifts that overcame the problems of the conventional threads. TESS is an abbreviation for Tissue Elevation Suspension System. For research initiatives underway, we desire to use our novel technologies to expand their uses to meet other unmet clinical needs. We are closely cooperating with surgeons and biomedical engineers worldwide to maximize the safety and effectiveness of our products.

Novel Function

TESSLIFT prevents early recurrence through mesh-backed fixation increase. Produce highest tensile strength in the market.


TESSLIFT is made of polypropylene that has been recognized for its biocompatibility for decades.

Semi-permanent Effects

TESSLIFT gives the minimal feeling of irritation with few or no inflammatory response. Also, it tackles the nasobial-fold regions most effectively in the market and gives the natural result.

Quick Recovery

TESSLIFT requires easy procedure and enables expedited recovery.