• Registered 2-dimensional non-absorbable TESS-020 and TL-010 delivery devices products by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KFDA).
  • Registered 3-dimensional non-absorbable TESS-160 and U Lift-060 products by Ministry Food and Drug Safety (KFDA).
  • Invited to speak at EAM, Indonesia Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Registered absorbable V Lift products by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KFDA).
  • Business Agreement for U Lift-060 and V lift products with DN Company, subsidiary of Daewoong Pharm.
  • Showcased at the 2016 International Congress of Korea-Japan-China Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine.
  • Showcased at the 33rd The Congress of Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Established the Corporate R&D Center for implant for tissue suspension.
  • Corporate R&D Center Accreditation by Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA).
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